We welcome all ages because we have two teams.

Capidolls is an adult team we welcome anyone who is eighteen or older to be on the adult team. We are always looking for Referees and NSO (non-skating officials) we welcome men to be Referees and NSOs. You need no prior experience to join our league. We will teach you everything you need to know, from skating fundamentals to rules and strategies. Our skaters will help you learn all the basic skating skills before you get thrown into hitting. We make sure you are stable on your feet, comfortable, and most of all safe! We care a lot about keeping you safe from injury. Many of us started from nowhere and are now leaders of the league. Cheyenne Fronterrors Junior Roller Derby is for any roller derby skater female or male under the age of eighteen . We start off with basic skating skills and build to derby skills, so not knowing how to skate is fine: we will teach your child. The goal is to create a safe, fun, and positive place where kids of every size and body type can develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and teamwork skills while improving overall fitness through the awesome sport of flat track roller derby! We have adult and child gear you can borrow skates, pads, and helmets from us if you want to make sure derby is for you before you start buying gear. We would just need anyone who wants to skate with the teams to sign a weaver, and once you decide it is for you and/or your child you have one free month before you will be required to pay dues, and skater insurance must be purchased at that time. We will be glad to explain everything in greater detail at a later date. We also have skater packets on this website for you to read and print. Thank you for your interest!